Westland PD Recognized by M.A.D.D.

In 2018, the Department made 332 Operating-While-Impaired arrests within the City in an effort to prevent drunk/drugged driving.

PRESS RELEASE: Office of the Mayor

“The Wesltland Police Department was recognized as one of the “Outstanding Law Enforcement Agencies” of 2018 by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) of Michigan at their annual Lifesavers Award Ceremony on June 7, 2019.  

The department received this award in recognition of Westland’s outstanding efforts in drunk/drugged driving prevention, education and enforcement.  

The Westland Police Department dedicated an operating while intoxicated (OWI) detail that placed an officer on the road four nights per week to focus solely on drunk/drugged driving.  These efforts, along with others, resulted in a total of 332 OWI arrests in 2018, of which 280 were alcohol related at 52 were drug related.  

The department is also one of only two Wayne County Police Departments that has two nationally recognized drug recognition experts and they  took part in the Safe Community Grants, which focused on drunk/drugged driving, seat belt use and distracted driving.  

“I would like to give special recognition to Sergeant Fruit and the Westland Police Traffic Bureau for their continued supervision over these lifesaving programs,” commented Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik.

“The safety of our residents and individuals traveling within Westland’s city limits remains a top priority,” commented Mayor Wild.  “We are proud of our police department and their continued dedication and commitment to protecting the community.”  “

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