Council Votes 5-2 and Approves Opioid Recovery Center

If the owners are able to obtain a State license, the former Montana’s Restaurant on Wildwood just north of Ford Rd will be completely renovated into an Opioid Recovery Facility. The State licensing process could take 6 months or more, with the possibility of opening next year.

All Council members who spoke on this topic gave comments of support and acknowledged the need for this type of facility. Council members Jim Hart and President Pro-Tem Herzberg, the two votes in opposition, took issue with the location. “The question in front of me isn’t whether or not we should build an opioid recovery facility, the question is should we put one here” stated Councilman Jim Hart. “I really want to see the Montana’s building get fixed up, but I don’t think its the right spot for it” he added. Councilman Herzberg commented that “Its by a Park, its by a School playground, and our City Ice Arena, it just doesn’t fit.” He continued by saying that the item was a “Special Land Use” proposal, which Council has no legal obligation to vote in favor of.

Discussion on this item lasted an hour and fifteen minutes of the two and a half hour City Council meeting. Wayne County recorded a total of 848 drug-related deaths in 2017, with the vast majority of deaths involving opioids.

The owners are in the process of applying for a State license that would allow for 32 beds in the facility. Patients are never dropped off, but must be referred to and transported by a medical provider. They plan to house local and national patients with a recovery period of about 24 days.

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