Wayne County Commission Meetings Will Now Be Recorded

For the first time in history, a recorded commission meeting is now available to the public. Cities and Townships have recorded public meetings for several decades but the idea has been thrown out by the County Commission over the years, until now.

The idea was voted down for the last time in March of 2019 with 9 commissioners voting against, and 6 in support. The commission has “never been as open as we need to be,” said Commissioner Glenn Anderson who voted in support. “We need to be totally transparent. That’s one of the reasons certain things happen in Wayne County.” Since then, public discussion has taken place outside the commission meetings citing several controversial issues over the years such as the Wayne County Jail Debacle and many more. The idea was brought up for a second time this year and was finally approved.

The video of the November 5th meeting was the first ever recorded, and looks to be something straight out of the mid 1980’s.

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