Garden City Moves Forward on Roads Plan, 2020 Schedule Now Online

Mayor Walker has released the list for 2020 construction projects and a map for residents to view. The western most neighborhoods will see the most construction in the current phase of projects and the map is available below.

Following the approval of a controversial millage in 2018, Garden City may soon be ahead of the game when it comes to the quality of roads. Voters denied the original proposal in November of 2017 but in August 2018, Garden City residents approved a lower millage proposal and is moving forward on “5 year’s of voter approved projects.”

On August 7, 2018, Garden City residents approved on a bonded roads millage that will allow the City to begin addressing Garden City’s worst roads.  The  approved proposal calls for a five year, $15 million dollar bond that will be issued to improve a portion of the City’s roads.


Garden City Street Improvement Bond Proposal
Yes   2,983
No    2,199

2020 Road Projects Info

Concrete Reconstruction

Gilman  – Cambridge to Warren
Cardwell  – Cambridge to Warren
Fairfield  – Maplewood to James

Asphalt Reconstruction/Reclamation 

Arcola – James to Warren
Bridge – Merriman to Moeller
Windsor – Moeller to Craig
Pardo – Radcliff to Farmington
Donnelly – Cadillac to Farmington
Rosslyn – Moeller to Merriman 
Hubbard- Ford to Marquette

Concrete Sectioning/Patch Repairs 

Rush- Henry Ruff to Burnly
Henry Ruff- Barton to Florence
Florence- Shotka to Marriman
Bock – Inkster to Gilman
Hubbard – Cherry Hill to Alvin
Marquette – Venoy to Cadillac

Asphalt Resurfacing (Milling and Filling)

Birchlawn-Harrison to Hartel
Krauter- Harrison to Garden

NEW Asphalt 1/2 Blocks

Schuman – Ford to Pardo
Cadillac – Ford to Pardo
Craig – Ford to Pardo
Moeller – Ford to Pardo
Moeller – Sheridan to Rosslyn
Moeller – Warren to Rush
Cambridge – Gilman to Helen
Belton – Warren to 1/2 James
Garden – Bock to 1/2 Hennepin

Spray Patchings & Joint Crack Sealing will also take place on various Streets throughout the City. View more information on the Garden City Roads Page.

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