Westland Explores Leaving GLWA, Forming New Authority

Westland, along with Livonia, Canton and Northville are exploring the creation of a new water authority. The goal is to save money and have better control over water rates by collectively negotiating as a group. City Council voted unanimously to explore the financial impact of a new authority earlier this month. Engineers, legal and financial experts will begin researching the viability of the plan and will determine the overall cost savings.

Westland Councilman Herzberg stated that “A new authority where Westland has a bigger seat at the table would allow us to be more involved in the decision making process and day to day operations.” He cited a recent issue where several neighborhoods had the water service shut off for planned maintenance work. “The issue was the lack of notice and it’s unacceptable.”

In addition to communication issues, we all know that water rates continue to rise each year and each of the cities agree that its time to take a stand. Stay tuned for updates!