New Recycling Guidelines Impact City Budget

After costs for recycling skyrocketed in 2019, the City was forced to take materials from the blue recycle bins to the landfill for a period of time. Since then, City Council approved new plans with Republic Services to process the City’s blue bin system.

There are new changes in the recycling market that everyone needs to be aware of and knowing the best ways to recycle could have a dramatic effect on the City budget and how the recent Sanitation mileage will be utilized.

Contaminated loads can happen when just one person in the neighborhood decides to fill their blue bins with non-recyclable material. When this happens, the City is charged hefty penalties that quickly add up. The most notable change in recycling is that glass is no longer accepted. Glass is extremely damaging to the processing equipment and the demand for recycled glass has plummeted. Glass placed in the recycle bin will end up in the landfill, so its important to remember to return bottles to the store when possible.

Another material to be aware of are plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags are not accepted for recycling since they contaminate the load and damage machinery at the recycle center. Grocery bags can be recycled at some retailers, including Kroger.

Shredded paper is still accepted, but it must be placed inside a paper bag so that the shreddings do not cling to other materials.