2 Years Later, Unexplained Vibrations Continue

Two years ago, residents in the area of Hannan Rd & Palmer began to record their experiences with unexplained vibrations and a high pitched hum that shakes the ground, and their homes. Today, those residents are still waiting for an official explanation on the cause of the earthquake like symptoms that continue to shock area residents.

Several news outlets covered the phenomenon and area residents formed the Facebook group called ‘Vibrations in Canton, Wayne and Westland.’ Canton Township’s Department of Public Works had received hundreds of emails and phone calls inquiring about the mysterious circumstances, and started an investigation in March of 2019.

“We’re currently in the process of eliminating potential sources of the vibrations,” said Belair, who reached out to the U.S. Geological Survey, DTE and several other potential sources of the vibrations. A long list of potential sources were ruled out, Belair stated to news outlets that the list included the Waste Management Landfill located on Hannan Road, Willow Run and Detroit Metropolitan airports, semi trucks rumbling north and south on Interstate 275, and mini earthquakes.

A recent video was posted to the Facebook group and shows that the vibrations have continued on. “I heard really bad shaking, then I heard something fall and I went to my fiancé, ‘Uh, did somebody just break in or what?’ because it was so loud and so forceful,” said Brittany Kipfmiller in a WXYZ-7 interview, who lives on the 40000 block of Finley Dr. “I went to our spare bedroom and there was some boxes that were completely knocked over and they were 25 pound boxes.”

Based on numerous resident reports,, the epicenter appears to be in the area of Links of Fellows Creek subdivision and a few nearby neighborhoods.