May 4th Special Election for Voters in Livonia School District

Westland residents who live within the boundaries of the Livonia Public School District will have the opportunity to vote Yes or No on a 20 year – $186 million bond proposal. This includes Westland residents who live north of Warren Rd in voting precincts 12, 15, 16, 21, 22, 25, 27, 30, 35, 36, 40, and 41 and all other area residents who reside within the district. The costs of the election will be covered by LPS and the City Clerk will be calling on several election workers to assist on Tuesday, May 4th.

School Officials say the bond will be used to fund facility upgrades, new technology, improving playgrounds and athletic facilities, purchasing school buses and improving property sites throughout several Livonia public schools. Officials say the bond will not result in any increases in taxes and that it will replace proposals that were approved by voters in recent years. However, if the upcoming bond doesn’t receive approval from voters, it will result in a slight decrease on future tax bills.

The need for additional funding was realized during a 10 year facility assessment plan conducted by LPS. In 2013, voters approved 195 million bond for safety and security upgrades, performing arts centers, furniture, instructional equipment, buses and facility improvements, however, that bond was unable to cover all the needs that were identified in the assessment. A sinking fund that was approved in 2019 was still not enough to meet the needs of the district. The 2019 operating millage renewal was approved by voters in Westland with more than 68% voting yes. However, the 2019 sinking fund only received support from 56% of Westland voters who live within the LPS district.

District officials say they need $239 million over the next 6 years and that the current sinking fund will only cover about $42 million of that. Additionally, the district is still liable to pay off prior bond debt. Stay tuned to the Westland Gazette for more coverage on the upcoming May 4th election.