College Scholarship Program Promotes Leadership, Talent

Distinguished Young Women is a unique program that combines the chance to win college scholarships with a program that offers Life Skills training to prepare young women for the world after high school. Each year the program makes over $1 billion dollars in scholarships available and it costs nothing to enter!

Cash scholarships are awarded at the local level and millions in college-granted scholarships are also available to participants. Local winners will advance to the state program in Wayne, Michigan where they give away more than $4,200.00 in cash tuition scholarships. The Wayne-Westland Distinguished Young Women program evaluates participants in the following categories: Scholastics (25%), Interview (25%), Talent (20%), Fitness (15%), and Self-Expression (15%).

In addition, the Life Skills program, which includes workshops and online resources, participants can learn skills like: interviewing, public speaking, self-confidence building, community involvement and so much more!

These skills not only prepare everyone for the program but also for the world after high school and college while providing participants with a lifelong network of women.

The application period is now open to girls in the class of 2022! To learn more information and to apply, please visit: