W-W Schools make move to virtual, hundreds in quarantine

All Wayne Westland Schools will be closed next week. Classes will be held virtually until January 18th due to staff shortages, absentee students and a lack of overall transportation. Nearly 350 students are in quarantine as of Thursday, January 6th 2022.

In a statement, Superintendent Dignan says “We believe that in-person instruction is most effective for our students. However, given certain mitigating factors such as staff shortages, the inability to offer transportation to a large portion of our students, and overall student absentee rates, we decided to transition to virtual learning.”

Dignan added that “School districts must have a 75 percent daily pupil attendance threshold to be counted as a day of instruction.” At the end of the day Thursday, the school district confirmed 55 cases throughout the district and 331 students in quarantine. Elliot, PD Graham, Schweitzer & Wayne Memorial HS currently account for more than half of the cases and total quarantined students.

Chart provided by WWCSD

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