Backlash over W-W School Security Wages

A job posting from Wayne Westland Community Schools has drawn criticism over the pay for school security personnel. Last week, the district posted a job opening for the position of ‘School Safety Officer’ and was listed as a full-time job with a rate of $12 per hour. As soon as the job posting was shared to social media, thousands of comments from area residents described a unanimous opposition to the pay rate. Many residents feel that school security should be taken more seriously than $12/hr. Recently, the district posted a job for ‘crossing guards’ at a rate of $15/hr.

A snippet from the W-W Schools Job posting

The job postings on social media as well as the thousands of comments caused the district to remove the job from their website. Schools officials told Westland Community News that there was ‘an error’ in the job title as the reason for it being removed. Fox2 picked up the story but it is still unclear whether or not the district is still looking for school security officers.

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