Primary Election Set for August 8th

On Tuesday August 8th, 2023, the citizens of Westland will go to the polls to choose their next mayor. With the recent departure of Mayor Wild, and the City council’s appointment of an interim mayor, the election is necessary to select a permanent leader for the city. Six candidates have thrown their hats in the ring, hoping to fill the vacated position. Two of these candidates will face off in the General Election in November.

The candidates vying for Westland’s highest office are Kevin Coleman, Michael Londeau, Ali Awadi, Ronald Sassak, James Godbout and Anthony Jones. Of particular note is current State Representative, Kevin Coleman. Coleman has served as our State Rep for the last four years and completed a four year term on the Westland City Council prior to that. He has maintained a 100% attendance record during his tenure. Mike Londeau was appointed interim mayor by the City Council following Mayor Wild’s departure. He was elected to the City Council in 2017.

James Godbout has the distinction of being the longest-serving council member for the city of Westland. Godbout voted against Mike Londeau to become the appointed interim mayor, and if unsuccessful in his bid for mayor, will remain on the Westland City Council for the next two years. The remaining candidates, Ali Awadi, Ronald Sassak and Anthony Jones have all dedicated their own backgrounds and experience to earn the position of Mayor for Westland.

Westland is a City with nearly 90,000 people and the mayor is not just a symbolic figure, but a leader. The successful candidate will make crucial decisions that will affect the citizens of Westland, as well as the surrounding communities. Every voter’s opinion and choice should be carefully considered before deciding who to select.

It is an extraordinary chance for citizens to shape how Westland grows and develops over the next two years. Everyone should make an informed decision by learning the candidate’s backgrounds, views and plans for the future of Westland. The primary election will be held Tuesday August 8th, 2023. Voters will decide the two viable candidates from the field who will go on to face off in a general election this November. The one elected will complete the final two years of Mayor Wild’s term as mayor.