EDITORIAL ANALYSIS: The Results of the Westland Police Poll!


Over the past week, The Westland Gazette has conducted a public Facebook poll, asking a simple question of its readers:  Do you trust the Westland Police?

Our week-long poll has now completed, and we are going to present the results, as well as some analysis of those results.

After a grand total of 1,229 votes (WOW) here are the results:

35% Yes / 65% No.

First and foremost, we are going to point out that this poll is by no means scientific.  There are certainly some that voted who are from outside the city (but not as many as you’d think.)  

We look at the range of The Westland Gazette, and we are a very small publication in the grand scheme of things.  We really do not have reach outside of Metro Detroit, so it would be fair to say that nearly all respondents could potentially have dealings with the Westland Police. 

They could be driving through our city on business, or to shop or dine here.  There is no way possible with a Facebook poll to assure that all who voted were from Westland.  I am able to see all voters, and while I won’t reveal any, nearly all have an interest in Westland, and our Police Department.  It certainly isn’t perfect, though, and we want to acknowledge that.

The only voter I *will* reveal is Westland Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik, and he then TOOK HIS VOTE BACK — and we commend him for that.  I think he, like us, wanted to get a fair look at what local people thought about his Police Department, so he abstained from voting, and again, we applaud him for doing so. 

The Chief and I have actually been trying to have a conversation all week, but with the crushing winter storm, we’ve both been extremely busy.  Phone tag is awful, sometimes, but I want to make it clear that the Chief has tried to reach out to us, and is trying to make the first step into addressing both his concerns and mine about the editorial I wrote last week: EDITORIAL: It’s Time to Resign, Chief Jedrusik!

Let’s be clear, even if our poll is not scientific, it is fairly credible with over 1,200 votes, and the results it gives ARE concerning.  

I’m not going to post quotes from the conversations the poll started, or anything like that — they are out there to be read.  We did not spend a dime to boost that post, or anything like that, we just let it be shared and spread organically.  

We did post one Letter to the Editor that was e-mailed to us after the poll began and you can read that here: Letter to the Editor: My Experience with the Westland Police!

Other than that, we will leave the results of this poll out there to be read, and interpreted how the citizens wish to interpret it. 

Our personal feelings are that Westland Police need to do a far better job of representing our city, and being fair and civil to our citizens and fellow human beings.  No more deaths, no more dogs shot, no more tazers near babies.  If we know someone behaves poorly, show them the door.

What do you think, Westland?  Let us know in the comments, or if you have concerns you don’t want to post publicly, please feel free to IM our Facebook Page at The Westland Gazette on Facebook! or e-mail us at newsroom@westlandgazette.com!

Thank you for participating in our poll, and for your many comments!  

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