New Sidewalk, Road Repairs added to 2019 Schedule


City Council approved nearly $1.1 Million for infrastructure projects last week including plans for new sidewalks, road work and bridge repairs. About 70% of the work will be funded by grants and is set to begin in June. The savings will allow the City to take a look at additional projects this year.

The south side of Marquette between Wayne Rd and Newburgh will have sidewalks installed this summer. This project will be completely funded by a $225,000 grant through the Transportation Alternatives Program.

Marquette St in front of John Glenn HS

In addition to the new stretch of sidewalk, repairs to existing sidewalks on the north side of the street and other updates will also take place. A much needed update to the area, the project will ensure the safety of residents and students attending John Glenn High School.


Another project that has been approved includes repairs on Newburgh Road. North of Warren Rd, the Newburgh Rd bridge that crosses over Tonquish Creek will have work done this summer. The scope of service performed includes patchwork on the surface of bridge, repair to the approach and repair of the bridge guard rail. Work will also include the removal and replacement of concrete on Newburgh Rd. between the bridge and Warren Road.

Newburgh Rd Pedestrian Bridge over Tonquish Creek

The wooden pedestrian bridge over Tonquish creek will also see improvements. Renovations are set to be completed by August of 2019.



A major rehab project has also been scheduled for the bridge over the Nankin Lake Dam that could potentially shutdown traffic on Ann Arbor Trl for a short period of time.

The Ann Arbor Trl bridge runs almost directly over the spillover from the Nankin Lake Dam, creating a different set of challenges in contrast to the Newburgh Bridge. The scope of work includes a full re-surfacing of the pavement on the bridge as well as the sidewalk and guard rail. The foundation remains structurally sound at this time.

Water spills over at the Nankin Lake Dam at the foot of the Ann Arbor Trl Bridge

The bidding process will be conducted through MDOT for the 3 projects. MDOT will locate and provide contractors to complete construction on the existing structures.






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