EDITORIAL: The Gazette and the Westland Election


Greetings, everyone!

For those that do not know, my name is Jason S. Jackson, and I am the owner and operator of The Westland Gazette, along with my wife, Krystal.

I am a candidate in the 2019 Westland City Election, for a seat on the Westland City Council.  I ran for a seat in 2017, as well, before the creation of The Westland Gazette.

I just wanted to explain to our readers how I will be handling political content for the upcoming race on our site, and how I will be covering my fellow candidates during this campaign.  


We are mostly a husband-and-wife publication, but I do have a small amount of other people that are involved in the publication.  Those others will help me to make sure that we are keeping to a high and fair standard to all involved in the election — and for the citizens of Westland. 

We will be doing our absolute best to provide unbiased coverage of all candidates.  ALL of my fellow candidates are welcome to send press releases, and ALL of my fellow candidates will be able to have a candidate profile on our site.  Your press releases will be printed, and the candidate profiles will be fair to all.  I am going to be doing some research into other candidate profiles, on other sites and publications, to have a quality and fair set of questions that will be the same for all candidates.  

Each candidate will be allowed to have a full-sized headshot photo, that will appear in the profile itself on our site, as well as be shown on all social media shares.

Each candidate will be provided UNLIMITED space after our candidate profile questions to speak on whatever issues they wish, or to provide whatever information about themselves or their candidacy that they deem relevant.  I have unlimited space available to me, and I will NOT give any other candidate anything less.  I respect all of you, and I hope you will all find this fair and participate.

Each candidate will also be allowed one post per event for any campaign event or fundraiser they are promoting.

Coverage on Myself:

I have my own personal website.

Other than my own candidate profile, which will be written under the EXACT specifications as my opponents, I will NOT have additional coverage about myself on the site.  Obviously, if I am releasing a press release, I’ll be releasing it to all media — and my opponents press releases will ALL be printed, if they are sent in the traditional manner.  Any of my opponents can contact me on Facebook, or email me at jason@jasonsjackson.com. 

Any coverage of myself will be the same granted to any other candidate — and I’ll use my own personal website if I have something to say, I won’t be using The Gazette to try to obtain coverage that my opponents do not.   

Stories on Westland Issues:

We are committed to providing the same coverage we have since our inception on Westland news and issues, and to provide the facts to the best of our abilities.  Other candidates (and myself) will only be mentioned if they are relevant to the article, if they are being directly quoted, or if it is to discuss a vote they made as incumbent Council members.

Final Notes:

We’re obviously a dedicated Westland publication, and I’m fully committed to having The Gazette function as any other news media during this race.  Obviously, I have an online local resource available to me that isn’t available to other candidates, but I’m not trying to take advantage of that, that isn’t the way I work.

I will not be personally editorializing at all during this campaign on The Westland Gazette.  I’ve only rarely exercised my editorial power in the history of our publication, and I will not use it during the campaign.  I have my own personal website, if I feel the need to speak out on an issue.

The ONLY exception to that is if the opposing candidates use one of the other Westland newspapers or sites in an attacking manner, such as what we saw with the 2017 debacle involving racism allegations on the front page of the Westland Eagle.  It was unethical and libelous, and downright dastardly.  The only way we “won’t play fair” is if someone else doesn’t.

I’m very proud of our publication, and I’m also be proud to be stepping forward to try to serve the City of Westland.  I vow not to do anything to bring dishonor to either venture.

IF you feel we provide unfair coverage of anything during the election, or about another candidate, on our website, PLEASE TELL US.  I was not running the publication during the last election, so this is uncharted territory for me, as well as for the readers.  If you don’t feel we’re doing a great job with it, please let us know.  We want to act in a way that our readers AND our opponents can respect.

I wish all of my fellow candidates the best of luck in the upcoming campaign, and may the best four win, to the great benefit of the City of Westland.

Thank you.

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